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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to drop by and say that this blog is really great and that you're all wonderful people. I hope you're all happy or at least okay.

Thank you, we really appreciate this <3

- Finn

Anonymous asked: hello, can i have some advice regarding sleep patterns? i've always had insomnia, but these past few weeks i've also been having nightmares and sleep paralysis. it definitely shows, i have noticeable dark circles and no energy. anything that might straighten out my sleeping schedule would help! thank you.

Avoid bright screens at least an hour before bed, and if reading or listening to music help you fall asleep faster, do that. If none of this helps at all, please seek professional help. Lack of sleep has really bad consequences the longer those patterns stick, so be careful.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: when is age not a number? (like, when does it matter/not matter in relationships)

Look other than the question of legality, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is trust and consent and honesty. All people involved knowing what they want out of it and what they’re getting out of it. That’s what really matters, if all those things are there then age is perfectly secondary.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: i said some mean things about a friend behind her back a while ago and i know it was horrible but i say things in the heat of the moment just kind of jokingly but now someone told her i said it and the person i think told her keeps starting fights with people but i really dont want to fight with anyone and ive apologised but im just really upset and i dont have anyone to talk to and i cant stop crying

Tell that to your friend. What you said about saying things in the heat of the moment, and about not wanting to fight and tell them you didn’t mean it, try to make them understand how upset you are over it.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: i've been having pretty severe suicidal feelings for the past few days. while i know i won't actually do anything yet, my friends and family are becoming worried. what should i do to convince them that i'm not in danger of anything other than my thoughts, which i've learned to control? also, do you have any tips for what to do when i feel suicidal again?

Learn to replace those thoughts with better ones. When you feel them creeping in, have a song, a book, a movie, a hobby, any distraction at all that you can immediately jump to to get your mind off of it. And stay positive, focus on the good things you have going in your life and live for those, and for all the ones yet to come.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: How often do you respond to asks? Is there perhaps any way to know if anyone here is online?

There is no way of knowing whether someone is online, and sometimes the people who are don’t feel comfortable answering a certain question because they don’t think they can help with a particular issue, so it can be complicated, but we try.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: Someone I follow keeps getting hateful anonymous messages. This has been going on for awhile. They keep telling the user to kill herself and keep asking her why she hasn't 'gone through with it' yet. What can I do to help?

Advise that person to block that anon. You can click block/ignore on anonymous messages and it will block their IP address from messaging you. Assure them they have no reason to die. Much less for some asshole like that.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: So many people on Tumblr have blogs about self harm (literally all they do is reblog and post photos of cutting) and it's absolutely awful and depressing. Obviously we can't do much about it, especially when they post "disclaimers" in their about sections. It drives me nuts. I want the world to be a happy place, and sometimes it really is one. I wish other people could see that, too...but is there really nothing we can do? It kills me inside.

Unfortunately no there’s nothing we can do. We can help those close to us or we can try, but that’s it. And hang on to the hope that the people behind those blogs will find better things in life and won’t need that anymore
- Finn

Anonymous asked: um. my mom is a religious devout and she taught me about it since i was really young. however i really don't feel the pull towards it. i believe in god, but i don't want to practice the religion because of some issues i'm uncomfortable with (patriarchy, homophobia, general hate to other religions, etc -- PS: i'm bi). technically i know that i shouldn't care to what others' think, but i don't know anymore. i just want to sink in a hole forever because i don't want to disappoint her...

You should be able to experience and practice your religion however you see fit, if you can actually choose to. If there are no negative consequences that are worth you keeping up appearances then just do what you like.
- Finn

Anonymous asked: do you think there's ever a time when it's too early in a relationship to tell someone you love them?

I think it depends on how long you’ve known the person and how long you had feelings for them, I mean some people say “I love you” before they even start the relationship because they already know, but it’s your call and you’re the one who knows how you feel, if you really do love them and want them to know I don’t see why you shouldn’t say it, as long as there’s no pressure for the other person to say it too.
- finn