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Anonymous asked: I've been posting this like crazy, but I have no idea of what else I can do. About five hours ago, seemeinacrownandsuspenders started posting things that were more or less suicidal, such as "I am sorry, I know this will cause you little pain but I am hurting no more and I hope you can forgive me waisting your time and I hope you reach your dreams." There have also been a slew of other messages that are more or less about death/having a death wish. Help?

If anyone of our followers can please try and help, thank you.

Anonymous asked: So my parents have a rule. "No going on dates till you're 16" I'm 14, and I recently acquired a boyfriend. I really do care for him, but the rule makes it hard for us to see each other since we go to different schools. I just don't know what to do.

If you can’t reason with your parents to let you go on dates, then try to bend those dates to just hang outs, it may seem silly but maybe if you call it something else and play it off as something more casual than a date then they might consider letting you go. Good luck !

- Finn

Anonymous asked: I feel like a terrible person for even saying this but i just need to get it off my chest. I recently added my father on facebook because im leaving the country to study and I thought it wouldnt be that bad, but he keeps messaging me at random times of the day just to talk and I really hate it. Especially when im trying to masturbate or something and there goes my father pinging on my phone. I cant talk to my mom about id bc she kinda hates my dad and i just dont know what to do. Am I horrible?

You’re not horrible. You can try turning off the notifications or maybe change the settings on facebook so that he can’t message you (not sure if that’s possible or not) or for you to appear offline to him.

Don’t feel bad for wanting your own interrupted time.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: (kiss person here again) any place in particular I could utilize said kissing for him

Place as in geographical location? I’d avise somewhere private so you don’t feel watched. Doesn’t need to be indoors, but somewhere without people looking. I think it takes the edge off a little.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: hey, so I just started seeing this guy who's never been kissed before, and I want to give him a memorable one. any ideas? also, how to kiss a really tall guy? we have 11 inches of difference between us...

Pull him down (pull, not yank) and start out slow. Don’t overwhelm him because he won’t know how to respond, so save open mouthed kissing for later when he’s more practiced. Soft and slow is better to start.

Good luck <3

- Finn


Even though some of the links go directly to the iTunes or Android store, still double check them because most of them are available of both platforms as well as others :)
12 Steps AA Companion (iTunes/Android)
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Beating the Blues
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Even though some of the links go directly to the iTunes or Android store, still double check them because most of them are available of both platforms as well as others :)

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Anonymous asked: hello, can i have some advice regarding sleep patterns? i've always had insomnia, but these past few weeks i've also been having nightmares and sleep paralysis. it definitely shows, i have noticeable dark circles and no energy. anything that might straighten out my sleeping schedule would help! thank you.

Avoid bright screens at least an hour before bed, and if reading or listening to music help you fall asleep faster, do that. If none of this helps at all, please seek professional help. Lack of sleep has really bad consequences the longer those patterns stick, so be careful.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to drop by and say that this blog is really great and that you're all wonderful people. I hope you're all happy or at least okay.

Thank you, we really appreciate this <3

- Finn

Anonymous asked: when is age not a number? (like, when does it matter/not matter in relationships)

Look other than the question of legality, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is trust and consent and honesty. All people involved knowing what they want out of it and what they’re getting out of it. That’s what really matters, if all those things are there then age is perfectly secondary.

- Finn

Anonymous asked: i said some mean things about a friend behind her back a while ago and i know it was horrible but i say things in the heat of the moment just kind of jokingly but now someone told her i said it and the person i think told her keeps starting fights with people but i really dont want to fight with anyone and ive apologised but im just really upset and i dont have anyone to talk to and i cant stop crying

Tell that to your friend. What you said about saying things in the heat of the moment, and about not wanting to fight and tell them you didn’t mean it, try to make them understand how upset you are over it.

- Finn